Washington Center

Residential Orientation

All students who live in the University of California, Washington Center are required to attend a *mandatory orientation at the beginning of each semester/quarter (past dates are struck out):

Summer Semester 2018 Sunday, June 3 (7:00 PM)
Summer Quarter 2018 Monday, June 18
Fall Semester 2018 Monday, August 27
Fall Quarter 2018 Monday, September 24
Spring Semester 2019 Monday, January 7
Winter Quarter 2019 Monday, January 7
Spring Quarter 2019 Monday, March 25

Monday Orientations begins at 11:00 AM EST in the first floor Multipurpose Room. Light breakfast and lunch are served. 

You will learn about the resources of the UC Washington Center. You will also receive your ID card once residential orientation is complete. 

*If you are unable to attend your designated orientation date, you must contact both the Director of Student Services at josh.brimmeier@ucdc.edu and your Program Administrator. A $50 fine is incurred for missing orientation without an approved absence.

Need a refresher? See the current term's Residential Orientation slides here.